Corporate Trips

¿Do you require the services of a travel agency for your business trips that attend you efficiently and professionally?

¿Do you want the lowest fares for your flight, hotel, etc?

¿Do you want your investment to have an economic return?

Backed up by a team of professionals we give you the best proposals for all your trips. We plan and watch over you permanently so you can have a just, timely and quality experience.

In the same way our experts in the reservation field, thanks to their knowledge experience and constant capacitation, will help you from the start to end to choose the best option available for that important business you have.

we give precise information so you can make the right decision using the best high tech tools giving you the best fares and benefits..

Services Offered:
  • All day services
  • Account executive
  • Preferential attention
  • Receptive department
  • In house booking system
  • Airport transport

  • We receive corporate credit cards and American Express virtual cards BTA.
  • Corporate programs discounts and airlines prizes
  • Monthly expenses and travel reports (Your company can see a detailed report of the travel ticket, hotel, car rental and savings report for using our service).

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