jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

Punta Cana - Hotel Ifa Villas

Vía Copa Airlines - 04 nights
as low as USD 888.00
The program includes:
  • Flight ticket: Lima / Santo Domingo / Lima
  • Airport transport Santo Domingo / Hotel Punta Cana / Santo Domingo Airport (Regular Serv.)
  • 4 night accommodation
  • Feeding system EERYTHIN INCLUDED
  • Santo Domingo ticket security tax USD 318.60 (Q)
  • Lima Airport departure tax(T.U.U.A) de USD 30.74 (HW)
  • Panamá, Tocumen airport security tax USD 2.50 (AH)
  • Dominican Tax USD 82.60 (XT)
  • Peruvian tourism tax DY USD 15.00
General term for the tour package to Punta Cana - Ifa Villas Hotel:
• Price per person in amer.
• Proces only for RESIDENT PERUVIAN on Peru and foreigner which do not visit their country.
• Price no endorsable, no repayable.
• The trasport included on the program is based on a regular service, depending on the passanger groups by destiny. The passanger must have in mind that for all airport, hotel and excursion arrivals or departure transfers he or she must wait the transporter in the agreed place and time (the schedule will be given at final destiny). If this dont happen, its not the transporter responsability to wait or search the passanger and he will continue with the schedule route. For all this there is no refunds.

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